Saturday, 15 January 2011

A New Beginning

Anyone who has followed my blog about my life in Switzerland may have read my post on New Years Resolutions earlier this month. 

One of my resolutions was to lose weight and get healthier. I have made lists (a talent of mine) and written down my goals. One of the important things when making NY resolutions is to be specific - not a general "I am going lose weight" but "I will lose X kg by <date>". 

I am well versed in the theory of weight loss. Some time after the birth of my son in 2004, I looked at myself in the mirror and did not like what I saw. The weight that I had put on before, during and after my pregnancy was making me unhappy, it was time to do something about it. 

When I look back at my "before" photos, I remember the feeling of dissatisfaction. Previously interested in fashion, it was getting more difficult to find clothes that fit and looked good. Shopping was no fun,  glaring lights in changing rooms which highlighted every bulge. It was time. 

This photo was taken in the Spring of 2005, shortly before I started with my weight loss plan. There are few photos of me at my heaviest, because I avoided the camera, preferring to be the photographer so as not to be captured on film.

Signing up with Weightwatchers made me get serious about losing weight. Not only did I have the support and information of the Weightwatchers program but going to be weighed every week certainly concentrates the mind. I joined a gym that I used three times a week. A friend wanted to lose weight so we encouraged each other, and allowed no slacking. It was not a crash diet, I lost quite a lot in the first few months the the weight loss slowed. 

By summer of 2006, I had lost over 20kg. I was not quite at goal, but close. 

Looking back at these photos, I am not quite sure how it happened. Slowly, kilo for kilo, I started to put on weight. This photo is from summer of 2008, shortly before when we moved to Geneva.

Spring of 2009

Autumn of 2009

Spring of 2010

Autumn 2010

Xmas 2010

That last photo - I was not sure if I should use it or not. But if that does not get me back on track, then nothing will. 

Enough looking back. Now to look forward.

I have signed up with Weightwatchers UK online, and am counting points again. The iPhone app from Weightwatchers UK was the reason I signed up there rather than on the Swiss or German site. 

Since I wrote the blog post about NY resolutions, I have lost 2kg, the first of many I hope. 

One of my goals (I will write about them in more detail in a later post) is to have lost 10kg before I go to Germany in April. When I have done this I would like to make an appointment with a local Style and Image Consultant. She will advise me on the best colours and styles to suit my new figure, and on the best hairstyle, along with a top hairstylist in Geneva. 

My final goal is to reach the elusive 65kg. 

The motto of my weightloss plan is LIVE MORE BRAVELY and this blog is my online diary of that journey to a new me.


  1. Hi! I too have started a weightwatchers plan and am actually enjoying it! I have 5 to 6 STONE to lose. I actually signed up in the middle of last November. I thought that by going to the meeting (when I hadn't prepared my cupboards, my shopping list or anything else, and I never went back! Something clicked last week, and I felt almost zen like with my attitude to weight loss. I went back just last Wednesday and have found it a breeze, not even eating my full points allowance a day... I wish us both the best of luck xxx

  2. Good luck.I've been losing weight gradually since Feb 10. It's slow and sure (and I don't follow any particular eating plan) but I am getting there. For me, doing exercise helps - purely because it reminds me to be good all round. The diet is the key part but the exercise definitely helps. Well, it does me anyway.

  3. Thanks and well done to both of you. I look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

  4. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey. I will put in a word with the man upstairs, that they smoothen out the roads so your journey isn´t bumpy and the roads ahead are clear, that you can drive quickly or even run towards your goals. You will succeed - you are a winner and a great friend.
    You´re not alone on this journey my dearie. Please visit my aufwiedersehenfat blog on here too xx

  5. Good luck, i am running this year, which should shift a few pounds. i cant do diets. i end up just thinking about food all the time and it drives me mad so i end up bindging on a big pile of rubbish.

    i love the idea of making an appointment for a stylist! such a good inspriation to help help you.

    cant wait to see how you get on


  6. Thanks, Shelley. Had a look at your blog, it is great.

    I took up running last year and enjoyed it but will have to lose 5 or 6 kg before I can start cause it hurts my knees. I will use the crosstrainer until then as it is kinder to my joints. Good luck with the running, will be joining you soon.

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